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Universal heater mat

A heated mat is a multifunctional product of Katrina, LLC, designed to heat legs, back and other parts of the body, dry shoes, protect a child from the cold while playing on the floor. This warming device can also be used as a comfort bedding for pets.

Electric heated mat is a carpet, inside of which there is a heating element. It differs by high quality, reliability, profitability and ease of use. Its low energy consumption and safety are among the main advantages of the product. It is easily cleaned of dirt, resistant to moisture penetration, does not dry the air, provides gentle care for shoes and gives comfort.

The soft and convenient rug will help to be warmed at home, at country cottage and at office. The device heats up in a matter of minutes, and then you can enjoy pleasant warmth. Operating temperature on the surface does not exceed 40 °C, which completely eliminates the possibility of burns or inflammability of product. Buyers choose heated floor mats for their versatility, economy and affordable price.

Technical specifications:

Overall dimensions 50x35x1 cm
Power network 220 V
Time to reach full capacity 5 minutes
Power consumption 38 Watts / h
Heating temperature 40°С
Network turn-on time no restrictions
Warranty 2 years