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Dryer for vegetables

Magic Tablecloth (‘Samobranka’) Dryer is an innovative drying device for vegetables and fruit, as well as berries, herbs, seeds and mushrooms. Use it to make dried bread, egg noodles, fruit & berry pastes, dried & cured fish.

The device is a light and soft rug with a bright design. The heating unit of the dryer is in a special case, its upper surface is made of table oilcloth, while the bottom surface – of eco leather. The infrared waves, like sunlight, penetrate into products, gently drying them. In contrast to heat treatment, this method of preserving helps to retain the taste, aroma and healthy properties of fruits and herbs. Moreover, infrared waves are fully safe for people.

The advantages of Magic Tablecloth Dryer made by ‘’Katrina’’ company:

  • Gentle and high-quality preparation of products for long-term storage
  • Saving electricity energy
  • Heatwaves are strictly directed
  • Convenient way to store (the device may be bound on compact rolls)
  • Possibility to transport
  • Presentable design
  • Reasonable price
  • Compliance with public health and hygiene regulations and standards
  • The presence of quality certificate
  • May be used as a heater

Technical characteristics

Overall dimensions 50*50*0,8 or 75*50*0,8 сm.
when rolled 50*50*0,8 or 75*50*0,8 сm.
Weight 0,5 or 0,75 kg
Operation mode without restriction
Power consumption 0,1 or 0,15 kWh
Workload standards 2,5 or 4 kg
Warranty 2 years