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Shoe dryer "TeploMax"

Dryer for shoes designed by "Katrina" company represents a heating mat, that utilizes infrared radiation. If you want to dry wet shoes or boots, just put them on the mat and connect the power. Soft heat gently relieves moisture, preserves the shape and appearance of the shoe, and also protects its owner from diseases associated with hypothermia.

The electrodryer is highly efficient, after its application no wet areas remain on shoes. Regular use of this device extends the life of any shoe, reduces the risk of the development of foot fungus.

The product is multifunctional: the mat can be used for drying wet gloves, hats, umbrellas. Some housewifes use it to dry flower bulbs and seeds of plants on it. During the cold season, the electric dryer can be used for warming up legs.

Like other products of "Katrina" company  the dryer for shoes is compact, stands out for economy power consumption, reliability and durability.

The dryer comes in cardboard boxes of 30 pieces each.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions 50*35*1 cm
Weight 0,3 kg
Operating mode no restrictions
Surface operating temperature 38°С
Power consumption 0,03 kW/h
Drying shoes size 0-47
Shoes drying time from 2 hours