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Heater for sprouting seedlings

Electric heater for sprouting seedlings is an up-market solution of "Katrina" company. The device was created deliberately to satisfy the needs of gardeners and vegetable growers. Its main task is to accelerate the germination of planting material: vegetable seeds, grain crops, flowers, conifers, as well as cuttings of fruit and berry crops.

In appearance, the product resembles a regular rectangular rug with a water-repellent surface. The infrared emitter is located inside this flexible panel, which operates from a 220 V electric mains. The device generates waves of a fixed length and creates the temperature that is best suited for the growth of plants of any kind. For effective impact, boxes with soil in which seeds, seedlings or cuttings are placed, are installed directly on the surface of the electric heater. After switching on, the device healthily effects on plants, significantly reducing the time of their germination and increasing capacity for survival. Gardener will only waters the soil timely.

The electric heater consumes electricity economically and is damp-proof. It has no restrictions in operating mode. It will be an effective assistant at your home farm.

Operating Procedures:

Place the instrument on any flat surface in a well-lit area.

Place trays with soil, sown with seeds or with cuttings placed in the ground (water) for rooting, on top.

Insert the plug into the socket.

Water the ground regularly.

Technical specifications:

Overall dimensions 500х250х10 mm
Operating voltage 220 V
Power consumption 20 Watts / h
Operation mode no restrictions
Weight 0,25 kg
Operating temperature 23 ± 2°С
Warranty period 2 years