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Heater "Domashniy Ochag"

Wall heater "Domashniy Ochag" is an innovative household appliance for space heating during the cold season. High-tech device effectively generates heat, spending a minimum of electrical energy. It differs in a practicality and attractive appearance.

Infrared waves, which "Domashniy Ochag" produces, are similar to ordinary sunlight and have a positive effect on people. This light and compact heater can be used as a reliable and safe source of heat for country houses, cottages, shops, warehouses, garages. One device of average power is enough to heat a room of 10-15 square meters well and inexpensively.

The “Domashniy Ochag” works from an ordinary electrical outlet and is mounted to the wall with special fasteners that are sold with the product. For storage, the heater rolls up into a compact roll. The Katrina company produces heaters in a different design and offers a rich assortment of color solutions, so that buyers have the opportunity to choose a device for their interior.

Technical specifications

Overall dimensions 105*60*0,05 cm
In folded position 60*8 cm
Operating voltage 220 V
Power consumption 500 W
Surface temperature 65°С
Operating mode no restrictions.
Weight 0,5 кг
Warranty 1 год