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Heated bedding for cats

Katrina, LLC  designs and manufactures products not only for people, but also for pets. For the convenience and comfort of cats of any breed, we have designed a “Koshkin Dom” bedding. It is a comfortable berth with heating function designed for animals.

The heating element, which generates infrared radiation, is located in the mattress of the bed and is completely electrical safe. The product operates absolutely quietly, which ensures a peaceful stay of a pet on it. Infrared waves that generate heat are well tolerated by animals. Unlike a convector or radiator, they do not dry the air. The power supply is removable, which allows you to disconnect the product from the network during hot days and continue to use the product without heating.

Among the positive characteristics of the "Koshkin Dom" bedding the following stands out:

  • low power consumption;
  • fire safety;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • possibility of round-the-clock use;
  • long service life (up to 10 years);
  • mobility.

Heated bed "Koshkin Dom" will be a great acquisition for those who care about the welfare of their pets.

Technical specifications:

Operating voltage 220 V
Power consumption 0,018 kW / h
Operating mode no restrictions
Warranty 1 year