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The "Teplomax" electric heater is designed to increase the water temperature in both inflatable and frame pools. This clever innovation means that bathing can be extended by 2-3 months - more fun for the whole family, guaranteed!

Instructions are as follows: place the "Teplomax" on a flat surface and position the pool directly on top of it (the heater must be located between the bottom of the pool and the surface of the ground. Fill the pool with water and plug your device in.

As the "Teplomax" heats up, the temperature of the water soon begins to increase through the bottom of the pool. The water is heated from the bottom up, providing a consistent temperature throughout the entire depth of the pool. This compares favourably with conventional solar heating which only heats the upper layer of water but leaves the bottom very cold. "Teplomax" is both silent and invisible, working steadily to heat the water, increasing the temperature by an impressive 10-15 degrees! It can be used 24/7 during the spring and autumn months and only needs to be turned on at night during the summer months (when the water cools down over night).

"Teplomax" is very durable – you can step on it with your feet while swimming in the pool.

"Teplomax" is available in three sizes. Each differs in size and in ability to warm up water in pools of varying sizes It is possible to use several "Teplomax devices at the same time, depending on the volume of the pool.